BUC Health Services Unit


Rose                                                                                 Elisha    

Mrs. Rose Chelangat Cheborgei                                                                   Mr. Elisha Kirui

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To be a high quality health services provider for students, staff and their dependents.


To be the preferred health care provider in workplace maintaining high quality health of staff and students by providing high achievable standards of preventive and curative health care.
Core Values
Our values are:
• Professionalism and ethics
• Confidentiality
• Timeliness
• Environmental friendliness
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Teamwork


Clinical Services

Through our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, Bomet Universty College Health Unit provides access to a variety of medical needs with a full range of clinical services. This approach brings together the work of clinicians and other care providers across different specialties to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive, personalized care at our service delivery point.
Outpatient Care
Patients who require general medical services such as;
• Routine physicals,
• Evaluation of non-emergency medical complaints, and
• Follow up of medical conditions may visit the health facility.
Triage is routinely done to patients who do not have an appointment and have an urgent medical condition. Patients will be assessed and depending on the severity of the presentation, will be seen on the same day by a clinician.  Urgent cases always take priority with immediate attention being offered. Patients who are seriously ill or injured may be sent to the emergency department of a local hospital.

Nutrition Services
The role of the University Health Unit in Nutrition Service provision is to equip and support members of the University College community with the knowledge and skills needed to make and implement healthy nutrition choices.

Mental Health Services
The Mental Health Service provides the following with:
• Short Term Individual Therapy,
• Group Therapy, Medication Evaluations and
• Medication Management,
• Mental Health Emergencies,
• Suicide Prevention Program.

Our laboratory processes a wide variety of test requests.  Some tests are performed in the laboratory and some are sent out to designated reference laboratories.