Message from The Head of Research and Innovation startup Village


Welcome to Bomet University College (BUC) Research and Innovation Startup Village (RISV). In line with BUC’s Vision of being a Premier Green University in Fostering Research Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainability, which is operationalized by amongst others, its Strategic Goal Number 2 of providing a vibrant intellectual climate for quality scientific research, RISV goals are to Foster Research and to apply better solutions that meet emerging needs, unarticulated requirements, and existing market demands through the provision of effective products, processes, services, technologies, and business models to the Society. RISV endeavors to incorporate the Concept of Green Sustainability in activities that include among others; Conferences, Workshops, Research Proposals Development, Innovations and Research related Outreach/Extension Services. RISV envisions itself to be the Catalyst and Avenue through which Entrepreneurship will lead the way towards uplifting the Global Economy. For more information, please contact us through the email address; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Dr. Tony Okwach Omusonga

The Centre for Research and Postgraduate Studies supports activities that are part of Bomet University College’s mission to provide a conducive environment for discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge; to nurture critical inquiry, creativity and engagement for social transformation and advancement of humanity.

The Centre provides a framework for developing research competencies among academic staff and students, conducting research and innovations, establishing institutional linkages and collaborations, enhancing capacity for fundable research, developing policy guidelines for management of research funds and grants, and promoting avenues for high impact research publications and dissemination

Dr. Tony Okwach Omusonga is the Head of Department, Centre for Research and Postgraduate Studies and is assisted by 3 Research Assistants in conduct of activities of the Centre. The Research Assistants are Dinah Wechuli, Michellina Echwa  and Guendoline Wanjiku.