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25TH TO 27TH MARCH 2020

1. Introduction
Bomet University College is a constituent college of Moi University situated in Bomet County, Kenya. The University College’s vision is to be a premier green university, oriented in Applied Science, Technology and Innovation. As an integral part, all academic programmes and processes must incorporate green technology components for sustainability.

2. Rationale for the Conference
The present environmental, social and economic issues and facts have created awareness on the kind of impact that they will have on future generations as envisioned in SDGs, Agenda 2063, Vision 2030, and the Big 4 Agenda. These have initiated necessity of going green and being sustainable which has created an increased demand for green services and products. Going green is important especially for the developing economies because of its population growth and natural wastage. It is therefore crucial to create a sustainable future. The present generation of consumers and manufacturers are responsible for the climate change and the rectification of this catastrophy can happen if we go green in all sectors. This green concept is used in effective management of energy, education, service industries and other fields in the society. Higher education plays a vital role in research, teaching and community outreach. The society needs to understand the associations and links between the environment, conserving energy, ecology and economy. Universities therefore play a crucial role in engaging with the society’s problems and providing solutions. This noble assignment has necessitated the planning of this 1st BUC International Conference whose objectives are as follows:
i. To improve the scientific and policy frameworks of green sustainability.
ii. To provide a platform to disseminate results of researches and current undertakings among key actors on Green sustainability.
iii. To engage stakeholders on effective modes of collaboration towards further strengthening capacities in green sustainability and other related methodologies and tools.
iv. To document conference proceedings in order to capture key lessons from the event and opportunities for future collaboration.
v. To clarify the role of the various stakeholders and to collate and synthesize available technical analyses relevant for the implementation of natural capital green sustainability.

3. Conference outputs
• Compendium of submitted abstracts, full papers, and posters on green sustainability
• Publishing Book of Conference Proceedings.
• Networking, benchmarking and creation of partnerships among the participants in building capacities in their sectors.



i. Transforming Education through Green Sustainability
• Internationalization of higher education
• Curriculum reforms and innovation
• ICT integration in education
• Modeling
ii. Transforming Ecosystems through Green Sustainability
• Renewable Energy
• Climate Change
• Waste Management
• Land Resources Management
iii. Green Sustainability for the Next Business Frontier
• Agribusiness and food security
• Entrepreneurship and SMEs
• Finance
• Internships and Apprenticeship
• Tourism
• New Sustainable Industries
• Supply Chain Management
iv. Transforming Governance and Risk Management through Green Sustainability
• National Values
• Political Economics
• Leadership
• Policy Issues
• International(Global) Development Agenda
• National Development Agenda
v. Transforming Culture through Green Sustainability
• Religion and Culture
• Communication and Language


The BUC Conference committee 

Bomet University Students organisation will be holding its first ever election of Student Governing Council and Congress.

The activity will be held on Friday 15th February, 2019.

BUC council chair receiving signed documents from MU council chair during handing over ceremony