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The Council of Bomet University College invites applications from suitably qualified and
experienced persons with excellent credentials to provide strategic and visionary
leadership to the institution in the positions of the Principal and Deputy Principals of the
College. The successful applicants are expected to bring about transformational change in
the University by taking the lead in spurring robust infrastructural development, ensuring
financial stability and growth, expansion of innovation and relevant academic
programmes, an enhanced student population, and result oriented staff management.

Download the details for application.


18 September 2018, 2:03 pm
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1. Download the tender document for provision of Implementation Support for the Feasibility, Design and Construction of Captive Grid-Connected PPP 10MW Solar Plant at Bomet University College.  ** Please note page 32, under scope of work. As a turnkey project, the winning bidder will first carry out a feasibility study then seek and negotiate for financing, build, operate and transfer the PPP project .**

2. Download the tender document for request for proposal for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for Bomet University College - 30th October 2018.

3. Download advert for re-advertisement of provision of Solar Project under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Proposal for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an intergrated ERP system for Bomet University College.

4. Download tender document for provision of consultancy services in undertaking a feasibility study, designing and construction of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) grid connected solar plant at Bomet University College.

5. Download tender document for the provision of consultancy services for the strategic environmental assesment (SEA) for Bomet University College master plan.

6. Download tender document for provision of insurance underwriting services (Medical cover and group life insurance).

7. Download the tender document for the provision of legal services.

8. Addendum for tender number BUC /RFP/02/2018-2019. and tender number BUC/ADM/04/2018-2019. 

This is to notify all students that the opening dates have been rescheduled as follows:

  1. First years to report on 24th of September 2018.
  2. Continuing students to report on 27th September 2018.
  3. The University has made arrangements for accomodation of all the students. Please note that rooms will be allocated on opening date upon producing original bank slip for accomodation fee.

BUC to partner with "I Choose life Africa"

Bomet University College is in top gear to partner with I choose life Africa, an NGO funded by USAID. The main objective of the partnership is to promote transparent, accountable, effective service delivery and responsive governance systems in Kenya. There are plans to engage the community in active partnership which will see the inauguration of an innovation center for naturing youth talents. 

Deputy Principal and Deans of Bomet University engaged in an opening ceremony during the Web Development workshop at Bomet University